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We help individuals and institutions improve their scientific communication in English




Scientific manuscript editing  科学文章修改

Scientific translation 科学文档翻译

Communications Training  交流培训


Our goal is to help you communicate your research to external audiences as concisely and clearly as possible. In a way that clarifies and convinces, even before audiences can formulate their questions and doubts. 我们致力于助你清晰简洁地与外部受众交流你的研究成果,以期达到阐明与说服的目的,甚至提前回答祂们还未产生的疑惑与怀疑。

“External” audiences can be experts in other fields, the general public, or even your colleagues working in the neighboring laboratory. Research nowadays is at once hyperspecialized and multidisciplinary, and balancing these opposing “inward” and “outward” forces is as challenging as balancing the yin and yang in the universe. 这些外部受众可能是来自于其它领域的专家、公众、或是你隔壁实验室的同事/同学。而如今的科研项目在极度专业化的同时还常须跨领域进行多学科交叉,要内外通透地解释,其挑战不逊于阴阳理论里要兼顾内外以守阴使阳,使动静相宜而万物化生。

Our philosophy has been shaped through more than a decade of experience working with social, natural and clinical scientists in Europe and Asia. 我们这里所倡导的交流哲学,总结于我们十多年来与地跨欧亚的多国社会学家、自然科学家,和临床医生的咨询经验。

You are welcome to re-use the image on the right for non-commercial use, as long as you cite this website as the source. 我们将其中理念倾力奉献于右图,注明出处后,欢迎非商用转载。


 The prices of our services depend on many factors, including the number of hours of labor involved, the complexity of the project, and how quickly the work needs to be completed. We agree the price with the client before the work begins and after we have discussed all relevant details of the project. As a rough guide, we provide below typical price ranges for some of our more popular services. Please note that these ranges are rough guidelines only.

Revising or translating research documents: 1225 – 5500 HKD

In-person and on-line training: 960 HKD per teaching hour






By AliPay account (in RMB or HKD)​  通过支付宝(人民币或港币)账户支付

By credit card or Paypal (in HKD) using PayDollar   利用联款通(PayDollar)通过信用卡或PayPal(港元)支付

PayDollar is a leading, secure and reliable international payment service provider to banks and online merchants since 2000. Customers’ payment details are securely transmitted to the acquiring bank, card and payment companies for real-time transaction authorisation using 256-bit Extended Validation Certificates (EV) SSL transaction encryption. PayDollar supports CVV/CVC checking as well as 3-D secure authentication of Visa (Verified By VISA) and MasterCard (MasterCard SecureCode) for added security protection for both customers and merchant.

联款通成立于2000年,是领先而安全可靠的国际支付服务提供商,旨在为银行和在线商户提供支付服务。联款通采用256位扩展验证证书SSL交易加密实时交易授权技术,能够将客户付款资料安全转入收款银行、银行卡和付款公司。联款通支持CVV/CVC验证和Visa 3-D保安授权(由VISA验证)和万事达信用卡(MasterCard安全编码),为客户和商户同时提供额外的安全保护。

By bank transfer (in EUR, USD, HKD, RMB, and numerous other currencies)   


Account name  账户名称: Creaducate Enterprises Limited

Account number  账户号码: 817-652241-838

Bank name  开户行: HSBC Hong Kong

Bank address  地址: 1 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong


Bank code (for payment within Hong Kong)  银行代码(用于香港本地支付) : 004


If you are not satisfied with our service, we will be happy to provide you with a partial or full refund depending on the nature of your complaint, which must be sent to us in writing within 30 days of our completing the work. The refunded amount will be returned to you by credit card or bank transfer depending on your preference.



Creaducate Enterprises Limited is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of your personal data. We do not collect any personal data through this website. In addition, we do not request or store your personal or financial data when you pay our invoices using your credit card, PayPal or AliPay.

Creaducate Enterprises Limited全力保护您的个人隐私信息。我们绝不通过此网站收集任何个人信息。此外,当您使用信用卡或支付宝付款时,我们不会索取或储存您的个人信息或财务资料。  

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